RU-WRF Data Portal for NJ Offshore Wind Energy

Data from the selected VMT(s) can be graphed in several ways and at several heights. 10 m heights correspond to a typical “surface” wind, while 100 m, 120 m, and 140 m correspond to possible wind turbine hub heights in the offshore region. Time periods can be selected from any range within the available data window.

Wind roses are also available through this utility: these are circular histograms which show the distribution of winds at the selected VMT(s) by both speed and direction.

Each graph can be downloaded individually using the menu button in the upper right corner of each figure. The data used for these figures can be downloaded as a single CSV (Excel-compatible) file using the Download button here, or downloaded in different ways by selecting the Download tab at the top of the screen.

PLEASE NOTE: This interactive data portal is currently in development, and is for informational purposes only. This data portal should not be used for decision-making purposes.

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